Director Felicita

Over the last five+ years I am proud that I have always led with my values and enthusiasm. 

Felicita at a playgroundCommitment to equity and accessibility:

  • System Development Charge (SDC) waivers for 632 affordable housing units
  • FREE Childcare at both advisory council meetings and Board Meetings
  • Reducing barriers for our undocumented community to volunteer
  • Recruiting more women of color and moms to serve in leadership roles
  • Cultural Communication training for Board of Directors

Commitment to parks and recreation: 

  • Visited. Every. Single. Park. All 100+
  • First Board Member ever to present at annual Oregon Recreation and Parks Association Conference (Twice! 2018 and 2019) 

Commitment to partnership and community

  • Initiated the first joint board meeting with the Beaverton School District since 1995
  • Engagement with Metro
    • Served on Parks and Nature Stakeholder Committee (2019 Metro Natural Resources Bond) 
    • Served on the Washington County Local Investment Team (2020 Metro Transportation Bond)  

I continue to be committed to

  • Improving safety in our parks: lighting, community patrol, etc.
  • Addressing climate change by working with the City of Beaverton on their Climate Action Plan
  • Expanding the Cooper Mountain Nature Park
  • Improving the patron experience – website, registration, etc. 
  • Let the community lead by ensuring the district incorporates the Community Vision Plan, prioritizing participatory budgeting, and more!